Sunday, 19 September 2010

I think I fixed it!

After an enthusiastic start to blogging my best laid plans were derailed by a series of trying events and an error on my page that I just couldn't fix. So I stopped blogging and was about to give the whole thing up as not being for me.
Today after way too long I am able to post again.
This certainly is cause for celebration and maybe even a relaunch.
So here's a few pictures of things I have made since I last wrote.

Here are my Bliss Bath Fizzers

They are made with Rose, Jasmine & Ylang Ylang essential oils and real flower petals, each has a whole rosebud inside.

And here are my Blossom Fizzers

See those beautiful orange Calendula flowers? I grew them and dried them myself and combined them with Neroli, Orange flower water, Ylang Ylang and Frankincense, which I always think of as "Dragonsense" ever since a colleague of mine told me that this was what he little boy insisted he was giving as a gift when he played a Wise Man in the school nativity. I bet that was a cool gift.

These are my Mmmassage Melts

I've been making these a while. I mould them in a silicon cupcake tray and the idea is that instead of a bottle of massage oil you use these little darlings, packed with shea & cocoa butters which respond to the warmth of the room & your body and melt on contact with your skin. Great for sharing.
However, happy customers have told me that they also work as an all over body moisturizer applied to damp skin straight after a bath or shower and recently I was thanked by a lady who has discovered that they work very well on the dry skin on her feet. I'm delighted to have this feedback and also to pass it on.

Likewise with the vegan friendly lip balm in Lime & Grapefruit or Mandarin flavour.

I now know - because you tell me, that as well as being a good all round lip balm it is good on those sore patches you get on your nose when you have a cold and... and...  believe it or not, it works as a cuticle cream too!
Now, I'm not going to ask what it is that compels Old Pit fans to be so innovative and clever as to make these discoveries but I'm delighted that you do - so keep them coming. Enquiring minds want to know...
There is more but it's late and besides, I'm excited to find out if this post is going to work so I'll leave it for another time, hopefully it won't be quite so long...


  1. This is funny Lorraine! I had just reread your prior blog posts yesterday!!! I do my blog in fits and starts and just never seem to make the time to do it regularly. Your mmmmassage melts are what I need:) Some amazingly beautiful products hon

  2. Thank you Leslie! Do you know that you are the second person to tell me that they looked at my old posts yesterday? The really interesting thing is I'd been trying to repair my blog for a while so that I could post and also comment on other blogs but had no success, then I sort of gave it up and stopped thinking about it. Today when I was tinkering with it I remembered that yesterday one of the chants we did at the workshop was for the removal of obstacles. Last night I was able to fix the error and post again. Now that's cool!