Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Amazing - The Sweet Smell Of Old Pit Potions

Time to put together the list of seasonal goodies old and new for Old Pit Potions.
Most of the lotions and potions are ready now. There are some soaps that I have made and are still curing which will be wrapped, labelled and ready by the end of November but all are available to order right now.
I will save the details for my next post but I will leave contact details if you'd like to receive a list.
As you have probably guessed I love to make and talk about all my potions but it is always interesting to discover what is most popular with my customers from all my products.
The funny thing is, that although I have "old favourite" soaps that I always make and keep in stock where possible, each year a different product seems to catch the interest of friends and customers alike and  I can't make enough of it. One year it may be lip balms, another it will be creams but it is always hard to predict what it will be
This year has been a very good year for perfume spritzers. I make a variety of these, some are old favourites, some are seasonally available and now and again I will make a bespoke blend  that will eventually make it into the O.P.P catalogue. One in particular has really done well and although I am proud of all my creations this one has really made me smile because it is my very favourite.
It is not the first one I blended, that honour belongs to the Sylvan Spritzer made to match my husband's favourite soap of all. He asked me if I could make a cologne or aftershave to match and guess what?
Much to my surprise I could. I was intrigued, there had to be a wealth of other blends just waiting to be put together.
I created my "Amazing" blend as a request for a friend, Suzanne who was searching for a particular fragrance and gave me an idea of what she would like in it. I set to work with  high proof alcohol and my stash of essential oils. In went Patchouli, Sweet Orange, rosewater and one or two more intriguing ingredients, shook the mixing bottle and Ohhhh! It was so amazing it named itself.

I made enough for my friend and another for myself and I have worn it ever since. I have lost count of the bottles I have made for people who have come up to me and said "You smell amazing!" I have also gone on to make bottles for their friends and acquaintances who have done exactly the same. I have a friend called Rachel who had worn Amazing for almost as long as I have and she has brought me lots of customers who want to "Smell as good as Rachel does"  It's not only for women. My friend Lynne's husband Mick wears it to work and has become an unofficial spokesman for Old Pit Potions. They and many others have my undying gratitude for bringing me publicity and custom I would not have imagined.  I also make a soap called Amazing Face which uses some of the same essential oils and contains green clay. I have recently added an body scrub to the collection so now it is possible to layer your fragrance and be Amazing all over!
So that's the  story of O.P.P's signature scent. Like the very best potions it came into being with a request. Actually that would be a good subject for another post so watch this space...
In the meantime if you want a seasonal list you can email me on oldpitsoaps@yahoo.co.uk  or drop me a line on facebook and I'll do my  best to make your festive season smell even better.


  1. What an Amazing time you are having with your lotions and potions Lorraine:) That is so cool! A lovely idea to layer the scents. Mmmmmm it all sounds so luciousxxx I am really hoping to try my hand at soap making some day:) Yours sound just delightful! xxx

  2. Thank you so much Leslie.
    This really is a labour of love for me. Usually when I learn a new skill I am happy with it for a while but once I've figured it out I tend to get bored and move on to the next thing. That was until I learned to make soap. I can't get enough of it and it has led me down so many interesting paths on the way. I think my interest in herbalism is a natural step along the same path as well as my gardening. They all come together somehow and I feel happier and more myself than I have ever known as a result. I'm excited that you are thinking about making soap too. It will be so cool to share that with you

  3. Do you have any book suggestions for me, in regards to soap making, Lorraine? Oh I can so see how soaps tie in with herbs and gardening:) Seems whenever we develop a keen interest in our natural world and doing things with natural products, it just cascades into so many avenues, each complimenting the other and keeps our interest alive! I am kind of doing it backwards from your path, gardening, to herbalism in general to soap! lol big hugs to youxx

  4. The book that started it for me was
    The Handmade Soap Book by Melinda Coss.
    This was a present from a very dear friend and it has been one of the best presents I've ever had. There may be others that spark your interest but for me this has been all I needed to set me on my way. She did a follow up book that I don't think is nearly as good btw so check that it's the first one if you're thinking of ordering. Melinda does recipes for both animal and non animal fat soaps so you get a chance to try out different recipes. I chose to only make the veggie and vegan friendly soaps but it's up to you. If you move on to other potions I can also recommend the Neals Yard Natural beauty book as a starting point. I would 100% agree with you on how our interest in the natural world is a never ending journey but think about it - there is so much to enjoy and explore. My garden has always been at the core of everything I've done and I believe it has saved my sanity more than a few times :-)

  5. Hi Lorraine! thank you for your lovely words on my blog! As you know I am the very happy recipient of some of your utterly scrumptious products this week,I can verify that the spritzer you mention in the above post,is actually Amazing! I absolutely adore it! so much so that I sprayed a little on my pillow last night before bed! I also love the soaps and had a lovely bath with the balancing bath salts,my bathroom smelled like heaven! I will be back for more!xx

  6. Gena you are more than welcome.
    I think your blog is just lovely. Mine does not get enough attention from me at the moment. I''m hoping to get time to update a bit later though. So glad you like your goodies and in particular the Amazing spritzer because it's also my favourite :-) xxx